Empresa: 3 Doubles
Web: www.3doubles.com
Actividades: Animación 3D
Arte conceptual
Producción audiovisual
Realidad virtual
Servicios para empresas
Simulación 3D

Número de trabajadores: 30
Información acerca de la empresa:
3 Doubles Producciones is a 3D animation and VFX studio created in Tenerife (Spain). Our staf is trained in the latest technologies of VFX, 3D animation, atmospheric effects simulation, fluids, crowds, dynamics, etc.

We focus on the animation and VFX of international high-quality animated feature films as well as coperate as producer, co-producer and service provider with other leading Worldwide animation companies.

We would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work and train artists in a fresh environment on exceptional 3D animation and VFX feature films.

Texto de la oferta:

3 Doubles Producciones is seking Lead and/or Senior Modeler who are responsible for creating characters and assets for our TV series and feature films.

Requisitos mínimos:

- A minimum of 4 years' experience in modeling and texturing characters using ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter (or equivalent 3D and 2D programs).
- At least two shipped products as a modeler.
- Excellent organic and hard surfaced modeling skills with an exceptional understanding of form and silhouette.
- Outstanding problem solving abilities and the ability to develop or optimize new or existing pipelines.
- Self-motivated with a positive attitude and a great team-player.
- Exceptional communications skills, both oral and written.
- Ability to mentor others in the department.

Requisitos deseados:

- Solid texturing and painting skills including a thorough understanding of physically based rendering.
- A solid understanding of form, color and lighting.
- Experience as a lead character artist is a plus.
- Experience with character customization systems is a plus.
- Strong creature creation experience or focus is a plus.


- You will be expected to create the highest quality 3D models, both hard surface and organic, that adhere to the project’s visión.
- Collaborate closely with the enginering and art teams to create beautiful and believable assets without sacrificing performance, readability and game play.
- Help establish pipelines for creating real time 3D assets.
- Consistently set a high bar for the modelling team for quality and pace.


- Working in a dynamic and creative environment.
- Improvement in their professional carer
- Salary based on experience

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