Empresa: 3 Doubles
Web: www.3doubles.com
Actividades: Animación 3D
Arte conceptual
Producción audiovisual
Realidad virtual
Servicios para empresas
Simulación 3D.
Número de trabajadores: 30
Información acerca de la empresa:
3 Doubles Producciones is a 3D animation and VFX studio created in Tenerife (Spain). Our staf is trained in the latest technologies of VFX, 3D animation, atmospheric effects simulation, fluidos, crowds, dynamics, etc.
We focus on the animation and VFX of international high-quality animated característica films as well as coperate as producer, co-producer and service provider with other leading Worldwide animation companies.
We would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work and train artists in a fresh environment on exceptional 3D animation and VFX característica films.
Texto de la oferta:
3 Doubles Producciones is seking Lead and Senior Animators who are responsible for creating animated sequences of characters and objects. They should be proficient with key frame animation and have strong fundamentals such as posing, timing, and spacing. Also, be able to take direction with ease and still be creative within the parameters of the projects style for high level TV series and Long Feature Films.
Requisitos mínimos:
- Fully proficient with Maya software, preferably on a long form animation series/feature film.
- A strong grasp of the basic animation fundamentals.
- Enthusiastic attitude and god communication skills.
- Must have god creative visión and be detail oriented.
- Must be flexible, willing to learn and self-motivated.
- Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks
- Be able to work within a Production Schedule.
Requisitos deseados:
- Team building
- God communication skills.
- Working in a dynamic and creative environment.
- Improvement in their profesional carer
- Salary based on experience
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