Texto de la oferta:
30Parallel Games is an international team of passionate designers, producers, analysts, marketers, and business executives - with a leadership team that draws from experience at some of the worlds top gaming and consumer products companies.
We specialize in creating mobile games and apps - from initial conception to launch day and beyond.
We are looking for an experienced Game Designer to join our team.

Requisitos mínimos:
-At least 2+ years of profesional experience in a game designer role: Game Designer, Systems Designer or Level Designer.
-Broad understanding of all áreas of game design.
-Excellent analytical skills.
-Portfolio of previous projects.
-Curious and enjoy Thinking outside of the box.
-Excellent creative visión.

Requisitos deseados:
-Finding simple solutions to hard problems, creating new features that generate better and stronger experiences.
-Experience and passion for Role Playing games and Action-Adventure games.
-Take complete design responsibility of the project and guide it th rouge to completion.

-Develop design documentation and kep it up to date.
-Create sketches, paper and digital prototypes.
-Assist and work collaboratively with artists, animators and programmers.
-Ensure that the final product quality mets the company expectations.

-Working with a high-profile international team.