Empresa: 3Doubles Producciones
Fecha de la oferta: 06/02/17
Dirección de contacto: jobs@3doubles.com
Ubicación: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (España).
Texto de la oferta:
Rigger Reports to: Character TD.
Position Description and requirements:
- To create character and prop rigs for animation within established guidelines and timelines in conjunction with the development of Fur and model/ rig-related tools for studio use.
- To support the creation of 3D rigs during the production of the studio’s first CG característica film entitled, tHE STEAM ENGINES OF OZ.
Tasks would include, but are not limited to
- Develooping/ supporting/ testing/ refinement of prototype rigs for skeleton and control systems, skin weighting, corrective shapes, facial controls.
- Creating/ supporting/ assisting with generic rig tools that can be used for custom face and body rigs.
- Creating/ supporting other tools related to animating constraints, skin weight exports, blend shape tools, controls tools.
- Reviewing, develooping, and/ or assessing fur/ model/ rig/ Cloth simulation, setup and animation interaction.
- To troubleshot rig-related issues as they arise over the course of production while partnering with the Character TD to help ensure aesthetic goals are met in the most eficient manner.
- To assist and/ or explore other departments and their processes as required by production, including that of character/ props/set modeling.
Experience Required:
- Proven experience of working on character models and rigs using commercial applications such as Maya.
- Strong knowledge of human and quadruped anatomy.
- Some MEL scripting ability a plus.
- Advance Skeleton knowledge a plus.
Job Type: Full-time.
Por favor, send your CVs and reels to jobs@3doubles.com
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