Empresa: Anima Kitchent
Fecha de la oferta: 15/06/16
Dirección de contacto: jobs@animakitchent.com
Ubicación: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas (España)
Tipo de contrato: Contrato de duración determinada

Texto de la oferta:
Anima Kitchent are making selections to fill positions in their new facility in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands). We are looking for animators (Senior and Junior) for our new 3D Animated series: Cleo&Cuquin.
The series target age group is pre-school (52 x 7’), and is based on the classic series “The Telerin Family” (created my Moro Studios).
Co Production by Ánima Kitchent, Televisa, MAI, and Selecta Visión.
The project will be directed by Fernando Moro.

Start/End Dates: End of August 2016 until the completion of the series (Approximately October 2017)

Available positions: Senior and Junior Animators

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