Empresa: Arkalis Interactive
Web: http://www.arkalisinteractive.com/
Actividades: Animación 3D
Arte conceptual
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Desarrollo de aplicaciones
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Animación 3D
Animación 3D
Edición de videojuegos
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Número de trabajadores: 25
Información acerca de la empresa:
What's thatí You've never heard of Arkalis before? It's okay, our name is pretty new as far as game developers go. But don't let that fool you. Our facility is exploding at the seams with some of the brightest and experienced creative talent in the industry. We've collected more than 25 developers, triple-A talent under one roof with a lot of experience in the games industry. So, if you think about it, we're not that new at all. In some ways, we're like the new iPad of game development studios--faster, shinier and better looking than the other versións. But we're still an iPad. And we actually have a cooler name too. Speaquíng of names, you're probably wondering what Arkalis actually means. It's based on the name of a ski resort nearby - Arcalis. It's in Andorra. (No, Andorra is not a planet. It's a country. For reals. Look it up. Now.) See...told ya so. Now wasn't that cool. Bet you didn't think you'd be getting a geography lesson when you clicked on this page, did ya? That's just how we roll - always sneaquíng in bonus experiences for our audience.


- 1 month free rent (so you have time to find a place).
- We help you to process your application for a residence and work permit.
- Chilled out sessions, where we get together to talk, eat and drink.
- Ski and Snowboard stations are 10min from our studio.
- Medical Insurance.
- Net competitive salaries.
- Very high quality of life, clean air, a quiet and beautiul place to live.
- Outdoor activities, natural parks, climbing routes, rok walls, canyoning, ecotourism routes, mountain bike trails, horsebak trails, trekking.
- As Andorra is a Principality, the prices of perfumes, pharmaceutical products, electronics, fashion, food and tobacco are much lower than in other countries.

Fecha de la oferta: 23/07/13
Formulario de contacto: http://www.arkalisinteractive.com/jobs-2/3d-animator/
Ubicación: Ordino, Ordino (Andorra)

Texto de la oferta:
- Develop, define and maintain high-end animation.
- Proactive in creating solutions and solving problems.
- Participate in peer reviews, giving and receiving team feedback.
- Able to work with team members of other disciplines. Such as, commúnicating with game-play programmers for implementing character mechanics.
- Generate and present ideas for Artist development.
- Contribute documentation on processes and tasque tracking throughout development cycle.

- Former work experience in the gaming industry
- Love video games inside & out
- Excellent eye for quality 3d artwork
- Proficient in 3D Max (experience in Character Studio);
- Excellent animation skills and expert on character animation
- An exceptional understanding of human and non-humanoid anatomy and a keen eye towards form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regards to modeling
- Strong fundamental understanding of the basic principles of animation (posing/rhythm)
- Ability to work as a team player with designers, developers and producers

- Former work experience on 3D iPhone games
- Former work experience in the gaming industry (2-5 years) and with AAA titles published.
- Former work experience on creating 3d animation
- Ability to make low poly meshes and low-resolution texture
- Solid background in academic drawing, traditional arts, sketching and/or illustration.

- Permanent contract.
- Accommodation package.
- We will assist you to process your application for a residence and work permit.
- Chillout sessions, where we get reunited to talk, eat and drinque something.
- Ski and Snowboard stations at 10min from our studio.
- Full Medical Insurance
- Net competitive salaries.
- Very High quality of life, clean air, a quiet and beautiful place to live.
- Outdoor activities, Natural Parks, Climbing routes and rok walls, Canyoning, Ecotourism routes, Mountain bike routes, Routes on horseback, Trekking.
- As Andorra is a Principality, the prices of electronics, cameras, consoles, video games, pharmaceutical
products, food and tobacco use to be much more lower than in other countries.

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