Empresa: Blackmouth Games
Web: www.blackmouthgames.com
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Investigación y desarrollo.
Número de trabajadores: 18
Información acerca de la empresa:
Empresa desarrolladora de videojuegos
Texto de la oferta:
At Blackmouth Games the Producer has a blend of product and project responsibilities but primarily responsible for “making things happen”. They are responsible for managing their projects, identifying and avoiding problems before they happen, helping to organize solutions for the unavoidable and to anticipate the needs of the team. They are diligent in following up with all project tasks and take care to pay attention to all details no matter how small. They will monitor live operations KPI’s and give feedback and recommendations to the Management Team to help define and refine the product roadmap. They are the hub around which the perfectly run project revolves. We also value and respect all members of the team and expect the Producer to share this attitude and foster it within the studio.
Working with the Management Team and the Director of the company to deliver the project goals within the approved time frame and budget you will own the project schedule and guide the product roadmap. You will chase down and resolve all loose ends and you will be a leader and mentor of the team. You will coordinate and communicate all production activities between departments and ensure all tasks have an owner. You are highly organized, calm and have developed your soft skills. This position reports to the Direction of the studio.
Requisitos mínimos:
• 3+ years game industry experience.
• 2+ years as a Producer.
• Understanding of project management methodology and tools.
• Understanding of Game KPI’s and how to interpret them effectively.
• Experience managing projects including establishing project plans, budgets, dependencies, identifying and tracking critical path, assigning tasks and implementing operational changes.
• Demonstrated ability in hands on task management.
• Written and verbal communication skills.
• Spoken and written fluency in English.
Requisitos deseados:
• Experience with Shooters.
• PC / Console experience.
• Fluent in Spanish and español.
• Define the high-level project plan (including key milestones and staffing requirements) and own execution of day-to-day project management.
• Be the go-to person for your team, studio management, and partners for everything to do with your project status.
• Accountable for all project tasks, milestones and deliverables.
• Monitor and report on product KPI’s with the goal of improving the product performance.
• Partner with your technical leaders (design, art, programming, animation, audio & QA) to ensure communication is open and clear.
• Manage individual and team performance, including motivating, mentoring and empowering your team to achieve results.
• Manage the bug lists and perform the triage.
• Establish regular communication with the team and stakeholders to provide regular project status updates.
• Help the team focus on the critical few: filters issues based on a clear understanding of the studio strategies and objectives and helps the team break down complex problems.
• Be able to report, at all times, the status, progress and owner of any project task.
• Be able to identify and recommend schedule changes as needed to free time for high priority ad-hoc features or deliverables.
• Encourage an open, honest and positive team environment; create a team culture that constructively gives and receives feedback, has fun, and makes the studio a better place.
- Be part of an exceptional experience, within a company that is constantly growing.
- Recognition and rewards based on your performance.
- Creative, modern and open working place in Madrid city.
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