Texto de la oferta:
We are looking for a Team Lead with strong Software Development skills, with focus on Windows desktop 3D graphics.
We already have a god horizontal team where we all are able to work on múltiple tasks. We are looking for an individual with leadership aptitudes, that will be able to handle the incoming requirements and organize the team structure and tasks to make the most of our enginers.
As testing is already part of our development process, we are also looking for a developer that can improve the QA framework. With knowledge about continuous integration practices and reléase management. Experience with OpenGL and Nvidia's CUDA and Video SDK will be very valuable for the position.
We are also researching and develooping new prototypes based on the state-of-the-art techniques in Computer Vision and Image Processing, knowledge on these fields is also a bonus.
LensFrame is our flagship product, a real-time 3D video stitching application, capable of merging múltiple high and ultra high resolution image sources, aimed towards the security field.
Requisitos mínimos:
- Advanced C++ skills
- Advanced C# skills
- God Python skills
- Advanced SCM, CI and QA skills
- Advanced Git skills (Bitbucket)
- Experience with Jenkins, Bambo, travisCI or similar
- DevOps Strategies
- Everything "as a code" (pipelines)
- Automatization and Integrations
- Advanced Development on MS-Windows skills
-. NET and Native/Unmanaged integration
- Performance analysis and debugging
- 3D desktop applications
- Clean, Defensive and Modular Styles of Programming
- Software enthusiast
- Graphics / Video apps
- Team-oriented and quality focused.
Requisitos deseados:
- God 3D Math skills
- SCons and CMake
- OpenFrameworks and Qt
- OpenGL and GLSL
- CUDA and Nvidia Video SDK
- Video Encoding and Streaming
- Live555, LibAV, Fmpeg
- Agile / SCRUM methodologies and JIRA
- Cloud Platforms administrating services
- Google Cloud Platform
- Jenkins administration
- Containers and Development Configuration tols
- Docker and Vagrant
- Kubernetes and Foreman.
- Team Lead
· Communicating to all team members and management
· Talking to clients and partners
· Writing technical and oficial documentation
- Software Development
· Improving and designing software architectures
· Improving performance, mainly using GPUs
- Quality Assurance
· Improving the CI and QA frameworks
· Reléase Management
- Research & Development
· Proposing ideas for new products or features
· Participation on EU-FP Projects.
Work at Barcelona, one of the main capitals of the world.
Develop state-of-the art image processing applications
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