Empresa: Digital Legends Entertainment
Web: http://www.digital-legends.com/
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos

Fecha de la oferta: 01/03/13
Dirección de contacto: jobs@digital-legends.com
Ubicación: Barcelona, Barcelona (España)

Texto de la oferta:
Digital Legends Entertainment studio is looking to expand its team with a Senior Concept Artist with at least 5 years experience in video games production. This role involves overseeing and directing the day to day operations of an assigned project, ensuring that the design concept, and client needs are maintained and consistent throughout.

• Is responsible for the game graphic production quality and content, and ensures that visual elements are credible and consistent with the game's visión.
• Create and maintain a consistent style for characters, environments and objects per game.
• Worque with Designers to turn ideas into compelling and appropriate concepts for the game.
• Create clear, detailed concepts to commúnicate the game visión to the Art Team.

Essential Skills
• Excellent design skills, including the effective use of color, form, lighting and composition.
• Collaboratively design and conceptualize AAA game characters and environmental assets.
• Excellent Photoshop and other 2D programs, with some understanding of 3D content creation tools and programs.
• Ability to produce a variety of quik sketches showing different approaches for the same design.
• Strong understanding of games and game constraints (polygonal modeling, texturing) highly desired but not compulsory
• Excellent commúnication skills and ability to take direction and accept critical review of your work.
• Ability to create concepts and adapt as need to style changes.
• Working well in a team environment and autonomous and proactive attitude.

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