Empresa: Digital Legends Entertainment S. L.
Web: https://www.digital-legends.com/
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Texto de la oferta:
We are looking for a programmer who loves shooter games and wants to join us develooping a new A title. We use C++ and our proprietary engine for develooping our mobile games.
As a programmer, you ned to be able to write well-structured code and are comfortable working on a complex code-base.
You will work as a part of the game development team, which includes, but not limited to, gameplay, high-level technology support, tol development, multiplayer, etc.
Requisitos mínimos:
• In-depth experience and knowledge of C++.
• Knowledge of FPS and shooter games.
• Knowledge of software architecture.
• Proactive person who can solve problems and work independently.
• Excellent teamwork skills, flexibility, and ability to handle múltiple tasks at a time.
• 3-5 years experience as a programmer.
• Proficient level of English.
Requisitos deseados:
• Knowledge of Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.
• Experience working with Visual Studio, XCode (iOS), Android Studio (Android).
• 3+ years experience as a programmer for mobile platforms.
• Implement new game features based on the design.
• Deliver high quality and well-structured code.
• Maintain and update existing game features.
• Accurately estimate task completion times.
If interested por favor send your resume to jobs@digital-legends.com with a small example of your own code attached.
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