Texto de la oferta:

El Ranchito Madrid busca Senior 2D Compositores para empezar de manera inmediata para un contrato de 6 semanas aproximadamente.
Requisitos deseados:

Demoreel required.
8+ years of experience in característica film/TV visual effects.
Strong artistic/aesthetic skills (sense of composition, color and
- Understanding of image pipeline (from capture to delivery) to be able to maintain the highest image quality possible.
- Ability to time shots and sequences.
- Ability to deal with multiple complex shots at the same time.
- Ability to mentor junior level artists.
- Experience working with a reduced team and tight schedules.
- Time management, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
- Ability to write Nuke gizmos a plus.
- Python experience a plus.
- Familiarity with using Windows systems.
- English (B2 and over) a plus.

Perform all tasks associated with the compositing process on difficult shots.
Ability to perform DMP or paint/roto work is a plus.
- Complete tasks within the schedule while maintaining communication with the production team and other team members.
- Evaluate the creative and technical approach for sequences/shots.
- Hits given notes on time but also offers suggestions and alternative approaches.
- Ability to build clean and efficient scripts.
- Helps other team members to troubleshoot shots and scripts.
- Offers suggestions for productivity enhancements in the current pipeline and work practices.
- Mentors and provides feedback for less experienced members of the team nForo3d.com está hermanada con www.stratos-ad.com de ahí nace esta oferta de empleo.