Empresa: Gamehouse Madrid
Web: https://www.gamehouseoriginalstories.com
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Edición de videojuegos.
Número de trabajadores: 100
Información acerca de la empresa:
At GameHouse, we know the power of stories. We pioneered the genre of story games.
Stories have helped us to get th rouge tough times, overcome obstacles and even inspire us to become a better versión of ourselves. Every character we create, every story we write, every song we compose, is aimed at inspiring you.
Our passion is to create stories that you feel part of, with characters that become part of your life. Our characters have their own unique voices and points of view. They have hopes and fears, make mistakes and pick themselves up again, just like us all.
We couldn’t dream of anything more beautiful than giving this back to you. We want our stories to inspire you to follow your passions and chase your dreams.
We are already touching the hearts of millions of women and hope to touch the hearts of millions more in the years to come. And we’re not stopping now. We’re exploring new story game genres with new characters for you to fall in love with.
GameHouse Original Stories - stories to connect with
Texto de la oferta:
A GameHouse Original Story.
At GameHouse, we’re leaders in story-driven mobile games for women, and we’ve put together a new team to take our storytelling in a completely new direction. Internally, we refer to this as one of our “Moon Rocket” projects, taking the company to the next level.
As a 2D Artist on our art team, you will work on an amazing new project focused on story telling. You'll be able to define and create the art assets, characters and backgrounds to bring great stories to life. Joining a small studio team in the early stages of a new project, you will have the opportunity to have direct and meaningful impact on the game we produce and ship to our players around the world.
CV and portfolio should be submitted in English.
Only applications via the Application Form will be considered.
Requisitos mínimos:
You have a creative mind.
You breathe Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Spine.
Anatomy, Composition, Color and Light theory are second nature for you.
You have a sHarp eye for detail and quality rendering.
You have a good understanding of videogames.
You constantly Push your own boundaries and take pride on your work.
You love telling stories with your artwork.
You are passionate for games, movies and stories in general.
Requisitos deseados:
Pure bonus points for:
UI creation knowledge.
You have experience working in Unity and Perforce
Experience with animation packages.
Have created marketing assets in the past.
What You'll Be Up To.
We are always pushing the envelope, trying to make our GameHouse Original Stories more fun and engaging.
Be deeply involved in the character and backgrounds creation of our next story-driven multi-platform game.
Create beautiful concept art for characters and story backgrounds.
Create compelling promotional art for use in-game, on app stores and social media.
Work closely with a small team of game developers, designers and artists.
What Makes Us Awesome.
You mean aside from making games loved by our players all around the world? (Seriously, we have some of the best fans in all of gaming) Or our beautiful offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante or the center of Eindhoven with colleagues who would love to take you out for drinks? If that alone doesn't convince you, how about these great benefits?
Competitive Salary
Lunch Card
Travel Reimbursement
Employee Book Buying Program
Sports program (½ off)
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