Empresa: Genera Games
Web: http://www.generagames.com/
Actividades: Contenidos para móviles
Desarrollo de videojuegos

Número de trabajadores: 150
Información acerca de la empresa:

Fecha de la oferta: 18/02/16
Dirección de contacto: mhigueras@generagames.com
Ubicación: Sevilla, Sevilla (España)
Tipo de contrato: Contrato de duración determinada
Tipo de jornada: Jornada completa

Texto de la oferta:
Genera Games is currently searching a Senior 3D Artist to work in a new project in partnership with a very interesting movie studio.

We are looking for a senior 3D artist, with illustration skills, to lead the artistic development of this project, in a small team of 4-6 people.

The perfect candidate:

- Is a very creative person with a passion for games.
- Has a relevant degree and proven experience as game artist.
- Has a proven track record of creating appealing characters and environments.
- Great concept art skills with a good eye for composition color, lighting, and perspective.
- Has a deep knowledge of game engine asset production, including modeling, texturing, shaders, rigs and particle systems.
- Knows a lot about game engine asset’s technical requirements, including performance /memory budgets, workflows and asset pipelines.
- Is able to produce appealing art in different style, depending on the requirements of the project.
- Understands of our customers’ preferences and knows about the mobile games market.
- Has good communication and organizational skills, preferably experience from working in an agile project environment.
- Wide experience working with: Maya, Spine, 3DS Max, Adobe CS package.
- Experience using Unity3D and Unreal engines (preferable mobile projects).
-Spanish speaker is not a requirement but would be a plus.

We will ONLY consider candidates…

- That can provide a portfolio full of appealing characters and environments.
- Capable of modeling, texturing, shaders, rigs and particle systems.
- With previous experience working in low poly and mobile devices.
- With wide experience working with, at least, one modeling animation and rendering software.
- With experience using Unity3D
- Available to relocate to Seville within 2 weeks (before June).

Some responsibilities of this position are:

- Ensuring the quality and technical optimization requirements
- Participate designing and defining the artistic guidelines of the project.
- Deciding the technical approach and execution that will bring the better results for the outcome of the assets.
- Modeling, texturing and rigging characters and objects in the style required for the project.
- Designing environments and maps.

We offer a temporary contract of 6 month minimum (depending on the length of the project development, release and updates).

Salary is negotiable depending on the skills and experience of the candidates.

Working hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8-9h to 17-18h (1 hour for lunch break)
Friday: 8h to 15h.

23 paid holiday days per year.

Please contact mhigueras@generagames.com and provide your cv and link to your portfolio, If you find yourself suitable for this position.

We will only consider and reply those candidates with the minimum requirements specified and with a work visa for Europe.

Suitable candidates will be contacted and asked to make a test.

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