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Información acerca de la empresa:
Hampa Studio has been establish officially as an Animation Studio since 2006, but our story really started at 1997 when we were born as an multimedia and illustration studio.

Hampa works with businesses and organizations throughout the world to create complete production and animation solutions to fit their needs. Our custom projects are built from scratch to maximize relevancy and usability for its users while looking great. Following the development process, our team makes sure that everything continues to function to the highest of standards.

We work to create a product that both we and our clients can be proud of and excels beyond their own expectations.

Today we can say that our comprehension on the importance of the concepts, production and animation is perfectly calibrated and adjusted, this makes us able to assume the complete process of an animation creation request from the idea directly to the screens.

We believe that by providing professional-level projects to the highest standards is a great way to distinguish our company and please our clients.

Hampa Studio can get quickly adapted to today’s market chalenges, focusing on quality and application of new technologies, as stereoscopic 3D and interactivity.

Our next goal is produce our first independent long term series.

Fecha de la oferta: 05/03/12
Dirección de contacto: join@hampastudio.com
Ubicación: Valencia, Valencia (España)

Texto de la oferta:
Hampa Studio busca un especialista en pelo para un trabajo rápido y puntual.
El trabajo consiste en generar un sistema de plumas y peinarlo para un modelo en 3D Max.

Este sistema de plumas podría realizarse en cualquier Software, siempre y cuando nos permita la exportación a 3D max y funcione perfectamente para animar.

Para más información mandad un correo a alex@hampastudio.com

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