Empresa: Ilion Animation Studios
Fecha de la oferta: 19/12/14
Formulario de contacto: http://www.ilion.com/jobs/apply
Ubicación: Las Rozas, Madrid (España)
Tipo de jornada: Completa

Texto de la oferta:
Comic Illustrator Artist
Department: Comic

It is the pencillers mission is to take a script and give it form

Main responsibilities
· Take a script and give it form in 2D

· Take the script and give it life in a way that makes sense, moves the story along, and with a consistent quality

· 1-3 years of professional experience working as a penciller

· 1 or more year experience in the cómic industry and 2D animation

· Strong traditional drawing skills, colour sense and artistic visión

· Classical cómic and Fine Arts background are ideal

· High experience with Photoshop or similar software

· Portfolio required demonstrating strong traditional art skills and a strong command of the use of lighting, colour, perspective, scale, and composition

· Able to envision the script and put it down on paper


· Strong communication, problem solving and collaboration skills

· Team player

· Attention to detail

· Creativity and innovation

· Commitment

· Flexibility and adaptability

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