Ilion Animation Studios busca perfiles Junior, Artist, Senior y Lead para los departamentos de FX y Characters FX.

FX Artist
Department: FX

Ilion Studios is looking for fx artists to help to develop effects and pipelines to be used during the effects production.

Main responsibilities

  • Will help to develop effects and pipelines to be used during the effects production
  • Generates pre-comps of the effects to be published to Compositing
  • Finds references for assigned effects
  • Is able to deliver on time with tight deadlines and with the highest standard
  • Is able to create simple pipelines and automations
  • Reports to theSimulation & Effects Supervisor


  • Experience of 2 or more years in film, producing effects such as fire, smoke, clouds, explosions, dynamic driven animations, etc
  • Deep knowledge of CG FX with software Maya. Knowledge of Houdini is a big plus
  • Strong artistic and technical skills to be able to add dramatic flair to environments, characters, etc, through the creative use of effects
  • MEL/Python scripting abilities, are a big plus


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, being able to work as part of a team
  • Adaptable and proactive with a continuous improvement spirit
  • Able to take direction

Character Cloth & Hair Simulation Artist
Department: Characters FX

Ilion Studios is seeking a Character Cloth & Hair Simulation Artist to create and finalize the characters hairstyle, shading and shot cloth simulations.

Main responsibilities

  • Creates hairstyles, shading and hair simulations
  • Creates cloth simulation rigs and cloth simulations
  • Creates cloth and hair simulations for shot work in production
  • Develops generalized tools to help enhance the pipeline
  • May be called upon to mentor junior members of the team


  • Strong knowledge of Maya
  • Experience in cloth simulation (Ncloth, Syflex, Qualoth)
  • Experience in hair tools (Shave and Haircut, Maya Hair, Houdini)
  • Knowledge of Python or Mel scripting is a must
  • Proven production experience
  • Character modeling or simulation background is a plus
  • Good problem-solving abilities and artistic visión
  • Work within art direction guidelines
  • Good oral and written English language communication skills