Empresa: Limitless games
Web: https://www.limitlessgames.com/
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Número de trabajadores: 32
Información acerca de la empresa:
Limitless games is a recently created AAA video game studio in Barcelona.

Limitless mission is set to break the barrier of hardware/platforms and allow players to enjoy games with infinite fun nTexto de la oferta:
Limitless games is a recently created AAA video game studio in Barcelona. The studio is currently in the process of developing a new game. The game is a COOP Action RPG set in a fantasy/sci-fi universe.
We are looking for a talented Gameplay Programmer to join our team. The programmer would work in coordination with the design team to implement character and enemies mechanics.
Requisitos mínimos:
- A portfolio that showcases the demanded skills or any other reference.
- Experience with Unreal 4
- Prior experience working a 3rd person 3D video game.
- Experience in C++ programming and general programming patterns and good practices.
- Experience with Versión Control Software (Git)
- Experience with Multiplayer Games, networking stack.
- Advanced math skills.
- Proficient in written and spoken English.
- Prototype new mechanics and characters.
- Support the design team on gameplay features.
- Program and maintain code for new character and mechanics.
- Coordinate with other teams to meet deadlines.
- Document your work.
- Support game design in the tweaking of the game.
- Support QA in bug fixing nForo3d.com está hermanada con www.stratos-ad.com de ahí nace esta oferta de empleo.