Empresa: Limitless games
Web: https://www.limitlessgames.com/
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Número de trabajadores: 32
Información acerca de la empresa:
Limitless games is a recently created AAA video game studio in Barcelona.

Limitless mission is set to break the barrier of hardware/platforms and allow players to enjoy games with infinite fun nTexto de la oferta:
Limitless games is a recently created AAA video game studio in Barcelona. The studio is currently in the process of developing a new game. The game is a COOP Action RPG set in a fantasy/Sci-fi universe.
We are looking for a talented Level Designer to lead the Level Design team.
The Lead Level Designer will work in coordination with the Art Director and Game Director to create levels that follow the overall design of the project.
Requisitos deseados:
- Prior experience in a position of leadership.
- A portfolio that showcases the demanded skills or any other reference.
- Proficient in written and spoken English.
- Experienced with developing level with Unreal 4.
- Experienced with all level elements such as geometry, texturing, sounds, visual effects, and sound effects.
- Pacing knowledge of how a level is optimised.
- Experience with designing content for a 3rd person title.
- Lead and direct the level design team to meet the game design needs.
- Participate in the creative process of creation for enemies.
- Coordinate with other departments to achieve the desired effect.
- Provide time estimation and distribute the workload accordingly.
- Follow up on interaction and bug fixes needed.
- Design and create levels for the game.
- Support other level designers in their creation and design nForo3d.com está hermanada con www.stratos-ad.com de ahí nace esta oferta de empleo.