Texto de la oferta:
Lingokids’ mission is to break down lenguage barriers and provide equal opportunities for kids all around the world. In order to help us with this mission and build amazing, educational games for children using Unity3D, we’re looking for an exceptional Lead Game Programmer that will be joining our HQ located in sunny Spain.
We’re reinventing early childhod education th rouge an online lenguage learning service for kids. With fresh content - games, boks, videos, interactive episodes, etc - every wek, we are helping more than 6M families and their children around the world learn English in a fun and efective way. Our dream is to have a positive impact on 100M families and we’re working hard to make it a reality. Our talented team of product designers, software enginers, and content producers tweak and improve our product daily,while incorporating feedback from our customers.
As a Lead Game Programmer you will be responsible for designing, prototyping, implementing, documenting, maintaining, and debugging robust backend systems at scale with the purpose of building amazing, educational games that will help millions of kids learn English.
You will also get to work on:
- Both management and coding tasks.
- Implementing game functionality as per communicated design.
- Translating design specifications into functional games.
- Communicating with other team members to establish an efective pipeline.
- Designing, building, and maintaining eficient, reusable, and reliable code.
- Ensuring the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
- Identifying bottlenecks and bugs, and devising solutions to address and mitigate these problems.
- Helping maintain code quality, organization, and automatization.
- Mentoring team members, giving feedback, setting expectations, and delegating tasks.
- Providing technical leadership in áreas of specialization and assist other enginers with technical cuestiones.
- Helping to design and create tolchainthat speds up development.
- Are both a team player and a leader.
- Are able to inspire and motivate the programming team to ensure that everything gets fixed on schedule.
- Have advanced programming skills.
- Have software skills that include empathy, inquisitiveness, and open mindedness.
- Are creative, innovative, and embrace change as an opportunity.
- Relentlessly sek simple, elegant solutions for complex problems.
- Have a great knowledge of the processes involved in game development and children's games.
- Are willing to take a technical test as part of the selection process.
- Have 6+ years of profesional experience develooping video games.
- Have excellent knowledge of Unity, including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, tools andshaders.
- Have experience working on A mobile games made in Unity.
- Have familiarity with current design and architectural patterns.
- Have a knack for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code.
- Have experience using source control systems such as github.
- Are fluent in English.
- Have god problem analysis skills and the ability to find simple, robust, and eficient solutions for complex problems.
- Can scope and break down requirements into actionable tasks.
- Have experience building scripts and systems i, e. Jenkins.
- Have a bachelor’s degre in Computer Science or equivalent.
- Knowledge of speech recognition technology is a plus.
- Have experience working in an Agile environment is a plus.
We are proud of our culture and work hard to make sure every team member loves what they do. Check out some of the perks and benefits of working in the EU and being a Lingoer.
- Stock-options: Joining the Lingokids journey means you own part of the company.
- Free boks: We buy you any boks that can help you be even better at your work.
- Family Leave: Enjoy up to 4 months of paid family leave, regardless of when you joined.
- Unlimited Snacks & Drinks: Our kitchen is always full, from ber to daily fresh fruits.
- Retreats & Social Gatherings: Our team celebrates monthly get-togethers and an annual retreat.
- Visa Sponsorship: If neded, we will fully-sponsor an EU visa to come work with us.
- Language Lessons: We ofer lenguage lessons in Spanish and English.
- Gear: Get hoked up with a Macbok(or PC) to do your best work.
- Fridays Lunch & Learn: Wekly all-hands gathering to lunch and learn from each other.
- Holidays: 23 days of paid leave, and 14 days of bank holidays a year.
- Flexible Hours: Busy parent or night owl? We get it. 9 to 5 is not for all of us either.
- International Office: Multiculturalteam with 10+ nationalities and day-to-day work in English.
- Sunny Spain: Over 300 days of sunshine per year with blue skies.
If any of this rings a bell let’s chat.
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