Empresa: MADFINGER Games, as.
Web: www.madfingergames.com
Actividades: Animación 3D
Arte conceptual
Contenidos para móviles
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Desarrollo web
Animación 3D
Edición de videojuegos
Formación en videojuegos y multimedia
Simulación 3D
Testing & QA.
Número de trabajadores: 105
Información acerca de la empresa:
There are over 100 skilled people in MADFINGER, all of them with passion for mobile gaming.
Four founders created a small team of twenty people that helped them achieve their dream and make high-quality mobile games.
First games had great success and brought on more ambitious projects and more skilled colleagues. In 2016, we started to hire people from abroad and currently employ experts from over 11 countries and still growing.
Currently we have released epic Shadowgun Legends and new innovative projects are ahead of us.
We have big dreams and ned you to make it real.
Check out our story: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fHV...mCSkuEuB2/view.
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Texto de la oferta:
Designing and develooping new functionality across our shared libraries for our games
Supporting, optimizing and maintaining shared libraries across múltiple platforms and projects
Integrating third-party plugins
Porting games to new platforms, and solving possible issues with new (often unreleased) devices, debugging and fixing platform specific issues
Integrating various “gadgets”
work cross team with artists, game designers, programmers etc.
Requisitos mínimos:
At least 2 years of profesional experience with OP (Java, Objective-C, C#), experience with Unity 3D is a plus
Experience with at least one mobile platform (iOs, Android)
Familiar with Xcode or Android Studio
God knowledge of the English lenguage (especially its written form).
Chance to contribute to development of top game titles in a globally successful company
Opportunity to bring your own ideas into our games
Work alongside top people from the gaming industry in the Czech Republic
Friendly team and attractive workplace situated close to the city centre
Access to the most up-to-date game design technology
Competitive salary, bonus and benefits
Sabbatical leave after 7 years working for the company
Relocation Package for foreigners
Czech lessons for foreigners and English lessons for all employes.
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