Empresa: Mediatonic Games
Web: www.mediatonicgames.com
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Número de trabajadores: 20
Información acerca de la empresa:
Mediatonic is a leading independent developer, focused on building and operating live games. Weve been in business for 14 years and with a development team of over 170 people, were one of the largest independent studios in the UK. With studios in London, Brighton and Madrid, were committed to developing best in class titles that entertain millions of players nTexto de la oferta:
We are looking for a senior game programmer to join our Mediatonic studio in Madrid to work in projects like Gears (of War) POP!, Yahtzee with Buddies, PC Building Simulator and more (cannot disclose here).

You are a senior game programmer with several titles under your belt, who likes challenges and has deep knowledge of at least one commercial engine (Unity preferably). Youd like to take an important part within a team where youll be planning and estimating features, leading a team by example, and of course, code.
We offer permanent contract, salary based on experience, a great working place and more perks and benefits.

Requisitos mínimos:
-Excellent programming skills in C# and / or C/C++, with an understanding and passion for readable, robust code and best practices.

Previous commercial experience in a game studio and / or commercial experience working in a large development team.

Familiarity with Game Engines like Unity (preferably) or Unreal.

Strong understanding of game development tooling and processes, art workflow, performance optimization and memory management.

Experience using source control systems such as git, SVN or Perforce.

Strong maths skills.

A strong passion for making games.

A good level of spoken and written English to communicate with our UK teams.

Requisitos deseados:
-Experience leading a project or mentoring a team.

Programming for consoles including an understanding of TCRs/TRCs and the certification process.

Experience with modern graphics programming, including Cg/HLSL and/or compute shaders, is a strong plus.

Experience with mobile SDKs (Android iOS) and frameworks.

Understanding of client / server communication and data serialisation.

Understanding of 2D and 3D animation principles.

Experience with build scripts and systems i.e. Jenkins, team City, Ant, Make etc.

Skills in scripting languages (JavaScript, Python).

Experience using and scripting common art and 3D software packages (Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender.) is a plus.

> What we are looking for
As a Senior Programmer you will be responsible for planning and implementing game features and tools, and help the production team to bring game concepts to life. You will be passionate about games and understand how to leverage technology to make the magic happen. Youll have a comprehensive understanding of hardware and system limitations, and be prepared to think laterally about how to achieve awesome gameplay and visuals. Being part of a multi-discipline team well also expect you to keep abreast of technologies outside your área, and encourage you to share your own expertise with the rest of the team.

Key responsibilities:
-Interpreting design requirements as well as the studios creative aspirations.

Agree and implement strategy for project RD, infrastructure, systems and features.

Analysing technical capabilities and resourcing requirements.

Helping identify and appoint new hires as well as develop team members.

Collaborate on the roadmap and sprint planning, providing estimates and technical plans.

Coordinate planning to ensure technology plans are robust and communicated to stakeholders, reporting progress both internally and externally.

Mentoring team members, giving feedback, setting expectations and delegating.

Collaborating with the engineering leadership team shaping best standards across the studio.
> Working at Mediatonic
Just so you have an idea of what it is like to work with us...
We like Agile and usually do Scrum. We are used to planning ahead and have a clear view of milestones. We tend do two week sprints and always like to have a short daily standup for all the team to attend. Sprint plannings, backlog assignments, retrospectives... thats the usual deal.
We work in small and ambitious teams, and we strive for minimal hierarchy. Our philosophy is open and informal whilst also being really hard-working. Youll be the real lead of your own tasks, but you will always have the support of your teammates. We encourage people to share their questions and expertise.
We are software agnostic, but our current standard is to use, amongst other things, Unity and Git. And we like peer review! All our engineering work is committed after your own teammates go th rouge your pull requests and validate them.
We want you to meet your fellow colleagues working in London and/or Brighton. We will probably set up a trip for you to go there and get to know the rest of the Mediatonic crew in person. Its really fun. Really.
We spend lunchtimes playing on our Nintendo Switch, PS4 or on our awesome arcade machine, or maybe enjoying a role playing session. We also like to get together from time to time. Sometimes its just a beer after work, but we also organise bigger stuff like monthly team lunches and company-wide events such as gamejams or bi-annual parties.
We share what we do with the rest of the company. We are as transparent and communicative as possible when it comes to the projects updates and the company roadmaps and plans.

Gifs everywhere! You can tell that its Mediatonic if it has a catchy gif attached.

> What we offer
-Competitive salary based on experience.

Permanent contract, full-time job and employee benefits.

Excellent local working conditions, great location in Madrid right next to Atocha station.

Career-development opportunities. Periodic performance and salary reviews.
-An exceptional, dynamic, demanding and motivating working environment within a growing company.

Personal development time for side-projects that are interesting to you.

Free English classes to further improve your level.

Free access to an online technical library.

Company tech talks and events.

Enjoy an awesome induction trip to our London office and meet the rest of the Mediatonic crew.

Free coffee, weekly supply of juicy fruit, snacks and drinks.

> About us
-The pretty impressive corporate información:
Mediatonic is a leading independent developer, focused on building and operating live games. Weve been in business for 14 years and with a development team of over 170 people, were one of the largest independent studios in the UK and Spain.
With studios in London, Brighton and Madrid, were committed to developing best in class titles that entertain millions of players.
We have a long history of successes and we are currently developing video games with world renowned IPs such as gears of War or Fable, massively successful games like Yahtzee with Buddies and surprisingly fresh titles including PC Building Simulator. We work along some of the most important partners in the video games industry like Microsoft, Nintendo, Scopely, Devolver Digital or Square Enix amongst many others.

A few other things that you probably really want to know:
The secret ingredient for our success is... people. We value the people we employ above everything else and we want them to feel like they are the most important part of Mediatonic. Thats why we take special care in both brigging onboard talented individuals and go the extra mile trying to have them feel comfortable and cared for.

Reasonable working hours, several employee benefits, permanent contracts, competitive salaries, company events and parties. We aim to have the most fun possible creating great games with really talented people around so that everyone can learn from each other.
We love making games. We enjoy working on different platforms and genres and we take pride in always going for the highest quality. We believe that committing to excellence and putting our passion into what we create will give us an extra advantage when releasing a game to the public.
We usually have several projects running at different stages of development at the same time. From live operations and adding new features to already launched titles to prototyping or full-on production on others... There are Lots of exciting things happening at Mediatonic right now.
We are looking for you.

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Apply URL: https://mediatonic.workable.com/j/CF080E2989
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