Oferta de trabajoEmpresa: Pyro Studios
Fecha de la oferta: 18/11/11
Dirección de contacto: monica.aguirre@u-tad.com
Ubicación: Madrid (España)

Texto de la oferta:
The user interface artist is responsible for the design, implementation, and optimization of UI assets for a video game.
•Design and implement user interface assets
•Worque with game designers to understand necessary capabilities of the interface, including navigation, menú options, player modes, and objects selection.
•Create a series of flowcharts that outline how the player will be able to navigate options through different levels and modes.
•Design the graphic elements of the interface, including menú animation, colors, fonts, textures, and other variables.
•Worque closely with the CODE department to integrate the interface assets and work out any visual or usability issues that arise.
•Take input from several different sources and assimilate those many ideas into one interface that is visually and logically consistent.
•At least one year of game industry experience in an art department and credits on at least one shipped title.
•Good level on game design knowledge (including but not limited to social games, video games and board games)
•Good understanding on the latest social game mechanisms

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