Texto de la oferta:
As a visual effects artist, theres nothing you cant do. You know how to lead and inspire a team of other VFX artists. You can use particle systems (from explosions to flares), dazzle the world with animated sequences, and work your magic with advanced materials. Right now, theres just one thing betwen you and greatness - applying for this job.

Requisitos mínimos:
Share your top score.
-5+ years of experience in game development.

Strong artistic and technical background (e, g, game development, graphics, etc).

Experience using Unity Editor or similar Game Engine.

Experience using Unity Animator and Particle System, or equivalent.

Basic shader and C# coding knowledge.

Basic understanding of and familiarity with Photoshop and Maya.

Requisitos deseados:
-Experience with UX, usability, game development, GIT, Python, and Houdini is a plus.

Experience writing shaders in CG or other shading languages would be a significant advantage.

Check out the game plan.

Produce visual effects for our games, including particle systems and animated sequences.

Produce optimized materials/shaders.

Follow concept art, storyboards, and written descriptions in order to prototype and implement FX in our games.

Research and investigate new technologies.

Develop and maintain game architecture.
-Work closely with the internal art and programming teams.

Collaborate with the Art Director to help create and maintain FX art direction for our games.

Create FX textures, using simple geometry and UVs.

Optimize FX for frame rate and memory usage.

Put your superpowers to work.

Maintain a high level of quality while working within design constraints and balancing performance issues.

Assist in solving technical problems to ensure smooth, consistent gameplay.

Communicate well with producers and artists in order to adhere to scheduled deadlines.
-Work efectively and eficiently as part of the team in a multilingual environment.

Fluency in the English language, both written and spoken.

Positive, make-it-happen, lead-by-example attitude.

God timing and animation sense.

Self-directed and independent working style.

Play bonuses and perks on repeat.

Employment relationship with Outfit7 Barcelona subsidiary.

Trial Period applies.

Diverse work in a relaxed, international environment taking on exciting daily challenges as part of a talented young team.

The opportunity for personal and profesional development.

Participation in attractive projects.

An attractive compensation package will be constructed, consisting of a base salary and participation in a profit-sharing scheme.