Empresa: People Moving Pixels
Actividades: Animación 3D
Texto de la oferta:
We are currently looking for a Technical Director (TD) in Rendering, who can provide critical support and troubleshots issues in the rendering of shots and assets in the pipeline.
The TD will work independently, and main tasks are:
. To manage the transfer of the in/out material betwen the render vendor and PMP (cache creation, scene assembly, etc)
. To promptly act on render requests based on pipeline status and múltiple forms of electronic communication
. To troubleshot basic errors in the render process.
Requirements for this profesional:
? Production experience in computer animation, visual effects, or game industry - preferably experience in the Rendering pipeline
? Experience with Maya
? Production experience with PBR renderers favourable RedShift or Arnold
? Ability to establish priorities, work independently or within a group
? Exceptional communication skills in dealing with both technical and artistic groups
? Strong troubleshoting skills and proficiency in data management
? Python programming skills
? Knowledge of render distribution software
? EU citizenship/ Have EU work permit
? Be able to work in English.
? The opportunity to relocate to Tenerife.
· Experience with Houdini or other 3rd Party Animation Systems
· Experience with tol integration into existing or new pipelines.
Online form:
https://go, gl/forms/JMW3eLgPuZktczV03.
For more información por favor check:
www.peoplemovingpixeles.com and
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