Empresa: People Moving Pixels
Actividades: Animación 3D
Texto de la oferta:
People Moving Pixels is recruiting a Senior Editor for an animation project.
- EU citizenship (eligible to work in Spain)
- Relocate to Santa Cruz de Tenerife
- English proficiency
- Experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro (better: in other profesional editing software to)
- Has worked as a senior editor before (preferably for animation series)
- Sense for how to tell a story
- Feling for rhythm
- God communicator
- Teamplayer
- Sense of humor.
- Create animatics for animation series
- Chose and edit temporary SFX and music to create a premix for reviews
- Attend metings and reviews with the directors
- Adjust and refine work according to director’s changes
- Troubleshot scenes/sequences where pacing, story or action isn’t working
- Ofer alternative cuts and/or suggestions to improve the storytelling
- Fit in a production pipeline with other departments depending on your work
- Help improving the workflow of the department.
If you are qualified, por favor fill in the form here:
https://go, gl/forms/V0LnyegymXHGS4Bu1
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