Empresa: People Moving Pixels
Actividades: Animación 3D
Texto de la oferta:
Technical Director/Developer
Key Responsibilities:
- Create and support internal production pipeline tools
- Assist other TDs or engineers with maintenance and bug fixing of existing tools
- Collaborate with artists and production to develop efficient workflows and supporting tools
Requirements for this professional:
- Experience working with different Animation Pipelines for TV or Film
- Excellent communication and documentation skills
- Advanced Maya User
- Scripting skills with expertise in Python (Maya) and/or Maya MEL
- Working knowledge of Git source control system
- Good knowledge of Shotgun
- Ability to work in English
- Working knowledge of gitlab
- Understanding of following python APIs/interfaz: shotgun, Maya, Houdini, redShift, Premiere, PySide2
- Experience working with outsource studios
- Understanding of rendering techniques (PBR)
If you are qualified for the position and already have the required European Union work authorization, please fill in the form here: https://forms.gle/dvV4Cbr7H7dQF7xf6
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