Empresa: Platonic Games
Web: https://platonicgames.com/
Actividades: Edición de videojuegos
Número de trabajadores: 8
Información acerca de la empresa:
Founded in 2015 and currently settled in Madrid, Spain, Platonic Games is a mobile developer formed by two lifelong video game enthusiasts, Valeria @Noval33t Castro and Álvaro @Rugnor Gutiérrez.

They teamed up to accomplish a simple dream, to fill the world with happy cute kawaii games!
On their bien theyve found amazing people who share their love for games and cute things, and together they
e creating awesome games loved by millions?
Texto de la oferta:
Are you ready to bring to life cute new a-meow-zing worlds? Were looking for a creative game designer to help us create compelling games for our amazing users!
Youd be responsible for the concept, documentation and game balancing of various projects. Youll have to create clear, concise and engaging design documentation.

Youll work closely with our PM team to make monetization an integral part of the overall game, to help define KPIs for the product and to monitor, analyze, and manage the in-game economy.
We consider communication, collaboration and attention to detail are the most important values for this role.

Requisitos mínimos:
-Prior experience designing games for mobile
-Knowledge of the F2P game market
-Experience working on game balancing
-Superb written communication skills in both English and Spanish
-Experience with spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets)
-Experience with UX
Requisitos deseados:
-Deep understanding of RPG progression mechanics within mobile or other F2P spaces
-In-depth knowledge of monetization best practices and competing games and products
-Ability to create plans for AB and UX tests, analyze player live behaviors, and interpret correct responses
-Knowledge of game metrics to influence smart design decisions that generate player acquisition, retention and revenue
-Interest in game analytics/data science
-Fun friendly working environment and flexible hours
-New and comfy office located in the center of Madrid
-Dynamic salary review, bonuses and other perks (free tea and coffee, workshops.).

Please send us your resume and include a paragraph introducing yourself and explaining why you would like to work at Platonic Games.
*This is a full-time (35hs), on-site position in Madrid (Spain)
**We will get back to you shortly (7 days) if your profile fits for an interview.
***Por favor, never be afraid of sending us your application, even if you have little experience you can still learn and grow with us
Were looking forward to hear from you soon.