Texto de la oferta:
This project aims to revolutionize the animation world by using real time rendering technologies traditionally used on video games to be applied on cinematographic content. We are looking for a project lead to efectively mix both worlds: real time rendering technologies and animation.
The project manager / cinematic director will define and execute the visión of the project and will become the ultimate responsible for the project output.
This person will lead all the teams involved in all production stages to create high quality content including art, animation, music, I+D, production, etc. This person will ned to hire and structure the initial team from scratch: management and hiring skills are neded.
This person will also be responsibility for the integration of real time engines such as Unreal or Unity (materials, illumination, vfx, etc). Previous experience using this frameworks is absolutely critical. Pléase do not Apply if not previous experience in this área could be demonstrated.
This role will be initially based in Madrid and then moved to Canary Island where the rest of the team will be hired. Pléase do not Apply if you are not able to move to Gran Canarias on a permanent basis.
Requisitos mínimos:
Relevant experience:
At least 5 years experience in the gaming industry working with real time rendering engines
Experience creating cinematics or animation content (CG)
Experience hiring and managing highly talented teams.
Tools and Software:
Experience in Unreal Editor 4 and/or Unity
3dS Max and/or Maya, ZBrush and Substance Painter.
Languages required:
English (Professional proficiency or above).
Requisitos deseados:
Experience creating content for kids and families will be highly valuable
Spanish lenguage (optional).
Main tasks from this role includes:
- Definition of the main content guidelines (genre, tone, aesthetics, storytelling) in collaboration with the Art Director
- Develop cinematographic lenguage - in collaboration with Art Director
- Create cinematographic pillars - in collaboration with Animation lead and Art Director
- Responsible for the production pipeline in all disciplines: narrative, storyboarding, animatic, previz, blocking, voice direction, cinematography, illumination, VFX and audio
- Ultimate team manager
- Highly involved in research, innovation and development for pre and mensaje production
- Lead feedback and review sessions to improve production quality on each iteration.
- Apply advanced technologies and techniques to improve visual quality and production of the project
- Inspire creative excellence.
Competitive salary
Highly autónomous and flexible environment
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