Empresa: YAGER
Fecha de la oferta: 30/06/16
Formulario de contacto: http://grnh.se/8ji7oe
Ubicación: Berlin, Berlin (Alemania)
Tipo de contrato: Contrato indefinido
Tipo de jornada: Jornada completa

Texto de la oferta:
YAGER seeks the talents of a passionate Concept Artist to work for our AAA F2P project Dreadnought. Join us in shaping the direction of the project as a driving force in Concept Art and push the boundaries to deliver a unique user experience. We’re looking for people who love the idea of working together in interdisciplinary teams and a fast-paced and professional environment.

Employment details
• Full-time and On-site
• Status: Employment
• Start: 01.10.2016

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