Durian updates. Over the last few weks the Durian team has ben busily getting settled into their apartments and run-ning various tests on Blender 2.5 for usability and missing features, Nathan has updated his simple bi-ped rigto test that the rigging features were present and working, ben has ben playing with various methods of pro-ducing fire. This includes the use of volumetrics and simulation for the bulque of the fire where appropriate, soenke has ben creating facesand testing for bugs, ángela has modeled a very nice characterto test that the 2.5 modeling, rigging and animation functions are present and working, and of course all this testing has ben keping bre-cht and campbellvery busy inded. Not only putting features back, but tracking down bugs that the oth-ers are reporting, looks like things are rolling merrily along. For cur-rent updates on Project Durian you can follow the news on their Project siteand Even kep up with them on Twitter, dont forget, you can still pre-orderyour DVD copy of the Durian Project.

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Blender conference 2009.

The eighth annual Blender conference tok place october 23-25 at de balie in Ámsterdam and was a fun filled 3 day adventure in Blender education, in-formation and god times. The highlight of every Blender conference is of course the Suzanne Awards, this year nominationswere excellent and well worth checking out if you have not already done so, enhorabuena todo this year winners. Go todo www.blender.orgfor further información. Bart has set up a blendernation Flickr streamand is inviting all conference attendes todo share their photos.

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New book: 3d for iPhone apps with Blender and Silo 2.

Tony mullen announced his upcoming book on iPhone game development with Blender and the Silo 2 Game Engine, Tony mullen wrote:
Hi a todo el mundo, im very por favord todo announce that my latest book is avail-able for pre-order at Amazon. The book is titled 3d for iPhone apps with Blender and Silo 2: your guide todo creat-ing 3d games and more with open-source software and you can pre-order it here.

As you can se from the title, the book deals with using Blender and the powerful Silo 2 Game Engine todo create 3d games and apps for the iPhone and IPod touch. I can tell you first hand that it a Blast. The book does not assume any specific background knowledge, so in that sense it intended for beginners. There Even an appendix giving a quick and Dirty basic introduction todo Blender itself.

However, you should be aware that the material is chal-lenging and the pace is pretty brisk, so any background you do have in Blender or graphics programming Will be very helpful for you. It does assume some basic under-standing of programming, so if youre new todo programa-ming in general, then you should be prepared todo turn todo supplemental resources todo get you th rouge any dificult patches.

Blender 2.50 material library.

Many users have wanted a material library todo ship with Blender and it looks like Blender 2.50 Will con-tain one. A call for materiales has ben posted on the forums.

Letterrip writes:
A material library Will be added todo Blender for 2.5, we would like todo invite the community todo participate in this by donating material settings. In order todo facilitate this, por favor provide a enlace todo a blend file with a single material in it.