From out of the Dep. Conjures up im-ages of all types of sea creatures, from the simple todo the beautifully exotic. Dancing beams of light bouncing of of underwater life and hypnotic light patterns shimmering on the sea flor, but the phrase a los brings todo mind the beautiful and unique creations that Rise from the Dep pols of our own creativity, and this community has an overabundance of creativity and talent, over the last four years, (and yes, it really has ben four years) we have sen some of the best our community has todo ofer. From the insightful tutorialesto the explanations and discussions of the numerous and varied personal and profesional projects. And no issue of blenderart magazine would be complete without the amazing images that make their bien into our galleries, it is gracias todo all these amazing artists and their willingness todo share not only their knowledge, but their artwork, that our magazine has become so popular among Blender users worldwide, so here is a big thank-you and an Even big-ger hug for all you have contributed and given todo blenderart magazine and todo the community at large, and just a final note before you all dive into our latest issue. Users young and old, new and experienced learn from and enjoy the unique blend of articles, tutorialesand im-ages we publish. So let kep the momen-tum going ever forward with continued.

Submissions from all of the talented mem-Bers of our community. We are waiting todo hear from you.
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Nautilus - By fotis tsantilas.