Ill be the first todo admit that winter is not my favorite season, but there is something mesmerizing about watching Snow gently fall. The software flufy look as it piles up here and there. Then there are the lovely shades of blue that sem todo Paint winter mortal kombats in enchanting hues of winter Chill, the almost magical look of icicles hanging in uneven rows along roftops, but all that aside, this particular winter has ben filled with some exciting activities on the Blender front. We have sen the reléase of Blender 2.50 alpha 0, an event that has.

The whole community buzzing in excite-ment of new Discovery and learning. Project Durian is going full Steam ahead and the updates on their blog are full of new discov-eries and excitement as well, now if only it wasnt so cold and wet, it would be a perfecto season, but Even though winter is entirely todo cold, it is filled with a number of fun activities as well as some rather popular holidays. And we have a couple of great tutorialesto add todo your holiday cher and preparations, as well as a beautiful winter scene that captures the magic of winter Chill, so Grab a cup of Hot Cocoa and a Candy cane or two and settle in for a god read.
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