Introduction. Due todo the nature of the internet, websites come and go at a rather remarkable rate and all todo often take our favorite tutorialeswith them. Every so often, y go th rouge my bookmarks and make sure that my fa-vorites are still there as well as any new ones that i might have discovered since i last checked. So here is my current list of great Blender educational resources.

If a tutorial or resource is not listed here, it doesnt mean that it has disappeared, these are just some of my latest favorites.

Get the latest documentation for Blender.

Blender quick start guide.

The Blender quick start guide provides you with a basic overview of Blender functionality on a single a4 page, ready todo print. It is designed for beginners who dont want todo read the whole documentation, and for experienced 3d artists who want todo quickly learn Blender.

Blender user manual.

Blender user manual is maintained by a dedicated group of Blender users who work hard todo kep it up to date with the frequent new releases of Blender and it features.

Download the Blender wiki in pdf.

Marco ardito converted the Blender wiki todo pdf for-mat for those who ned/want offline Access todo the latest Blender documentation. He plans todo update it monthly. At this point it is a single pdf file, over 1700 paginas, about 52 Mb.

Nob todo pro.

This book is a series of tutorialesar-range in a sequence todo help the new user become a Blender expert. The tutorialesbecome increasingly more dificult. As a result, intermediate us-ers may quickly advance todo Whatever tutorial is most suitable for their.

Knowledge and can continúe along the sequence.

Although there are Many diferent learning paths a user could take, weve made a concerted efort todo accommodate everyone.

Essential Blender.

Essential Blender Will get you working with mode-ling, materiales and texturing, lighting, particle Sys-tems, several kinds of animation, and rendering. In addition, there are chapters on the new Mesh Sculpt-ing tools and the brilliant compositor.

You can download a free pdfversión.

You can still purchase a printed hard copy at:
Blender e-shop.


Col educational sites.

Over the years a variety of great sites have ben cre-ated todo educate the CG/blender masses. Here are a few todo get you started.

Cg cookie.

Cg cookie is an online educational resource for CG artists working with various popular applications. Current-ly, we are ofering education on 3d Studio Max, Blender, Maya, ZBrush, and chetah3d. Our educa-tional materiales are presented either in a written textformat, or streaming video.


Blender cookie is a site dedicated todo supplying con-sistent, high quality, Blender education materiales produced by certified trainers from around the globe. By ofering high resolution streaming videos, written education, developer interviews and featured.

Resources, we aim todo be the central hub for Blender education.

Blender 3d Architect.

Allan Brito provides valuable tips and tutorialesabout using Blender 3d for architectural visualization.


He provides various tips and tutorialesto get the most out of Blender.
3d synthesis.

A wonderful collection of tutorialesshowing how todo create rather unusual effects.


Maquíng 3d content for games & interactive media.

Low poly 3d models, meshes, level editing and textures making.

Hints, tips, tutoriales& resources for 3d modeling & content creation.

Blender courses.

All of the following courses are free.

Blender 3d: product rendering.

Video tutoriales: product rendering with Blender uti-lizing traditional 3 key light rigs, faq global illumination and external GI render engines. Alos covered are materiales and Lamp definitions.

Blender 3d: digital modeling of organic sur-Faces.

Video tutoriales: digital organic product modeling with Blender 3d using polygon subdivisión surface.

Modeling. Alos covers steps todo several modeling projects with tips and techniques.


Blenducation seks todo provide a live, high quality learning experience for anyone interested 3d design and animation. They have a mix of both free and small fe clases.

Blender basic- 3rd edition.

Classrom tutorial book: the manual addresses skills in a sequential order so skipping around may leave out important skill descriptions addressed in earlier chapters.

Blender 3d design course.

The Blender 3d design course is intended todo ofer.

Students an introduction todo the world of computer.

Generated 3-d modeling and animation. As an introductory course, it provides a basic Understanding of.

The skills and techniques employed by 3-d designers.

In a wide range of applications. In this online course.
We Will explore basic Mesh modeling, applying textures and materiales todo 3-d objects, lighting, animation and rendering. This course should provide a.

God basis for further independent study in architec-tural, enginering and theatrical modeling and game.



This projects goal is todo develop free lessons and/or tutorialesin pdf format for the 3d modeling tool Blender 3d. The idea is todo write step-by-step courses which cover various Blender related topics in peoples native lenguajes. All the blendercourses are written in the same style and Layout in order todo make con-sistent and recognisable eboks.

Video tutorial series.

I really love these kind of series, the author takes one Project from start todo finish and covers all the techniques and tools neded.

Blender tutorial series - Creation of Johnny Blender.

A twentyeight part series on the complete creation of a character in Blender, from a single polygon todo a fully-rigged and textured character.

Model, UV, and texture a Compleete manga character in Blender.

In this 7 video long, intermediate todo advanced level tutorial series, profesional Blender artista, karan shah, Will walk you th rouge the complete creation process of a ready todo animate video game character.

From modeling todo UVS and texturing, todo adding the final Mesh topology for deformation.

Blender tutoriales etc. (disneyland).

These videos mostly característica a 3d model of Disney-land, but the focus is on educating about Blender (and ocasionally Photoshop), not educating about disneyland.