Tony Mullen announced his upcoming book on iPhone game development with Blender and the SIO2 game engine.

New book: 3D for iphone apps with Blender and sio2-1.jpg

Tony Mullen wrote:

Hi Everybody, I'm very pleased to an-nounce that my latest book is available for pre-order at Amazon! The book is titled "3D for iPhone Apps with Blender and SIO2: Your Guide to Creating 3D Games and More with Open-Source Software" and you can pre-order.

As you can see from the title, the book deals with using Blender and the powerful SIO2 Game Engine to create 3D games and apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I can tell you first hand that it's a blast! The book does not assume any specific background knowledge, so in that sense it's intended for "beginners". There's even an appendix giving a quik and dirty basic introduction to Blender itself.
However, you should be aware that the material is challenging and the pace is pretty brisk, so any background you do have in Blender or graphics programming will be very helpful for you. It does assume some basic understanding of programming, so if you're new to programming in general, then you should be prepared to turn to supplemental resources to get you through any difficult patches.

Blender 2.50 material library

Many users have wanted a material library to ship with Blender and it looks like Blender 2.50 will contain one. A call for materials has been posted on the forums.

LetterRip writes:

A material library will be added to Blender for 2.5, we would like to invite the community to participate in this by donating material settings. In order to facilitate this, please provide a link to a blend file with a single material in it.