Blender 2.50 alpha 2. Another alpha test buildhas ben released tohelp ensure that bug reporters have a god reference for ongoing testingand reporting. There have ben numerous (read that todo be hundreds and then some) bug fixes and Lots of improvements and updates todo missing and incompleete features. While there are still a few features not fully implemented, there is more than enough for some serious fun and testing. Chek out the 2.50 alpha 1 reléase logfor more details of features and what todo expect in this release.

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DVD training 5: Chaos & evolutions.

Digital painting course using free/open source software, pre-order discount of 10%. Dvd expected todo ship Mid march, this DVD covers all aspects of creating advanced dig-ital painting, Concept Art, character design, creature design, environments, illustrations and Model Sheet. Seven main tutorial videos are devoted todo teach the best tips and tricks about digital sketching, drawing, alchemy, coloring, painting, finishing and creating Model Sheet. And eight additional videos Will present you with more than 20 hours of full Time Lapse in Hd (1440x896) minimally commented so that you are free todo explore and learn the part you are interested in, the DVD assumes you already have a tablet and know the basic of drawing from imagination, 2d painting software and image manipulation. It is es-pecially targeted at people who look for a strong work flow todo create a 2d Project from a todo z in a collaborative or profesional environment.

Chaos & evolutions includes alchemy and Gimp 2.6.6 patched with Gimp-Painter for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, as well as a customized brush kit, and all wip files. It a los includes MyPaint for Windows and Linux. All the examples have ben done with only free and open source software, mainly Gimp. You can follow the tutorialeswith your own 2d application to, like Photoshop / Painter / TVPaint / Krita / (
Note: one bonus video uses MyPaint), the DVD tutorialesuse a music soundtrack without voice over. Unobtrusive, simple english Labels Will guide you, which makes it especially targeted at an international public. The videos are in 1440x896 and play well in the free VLC player.

Announcing the blendernewbies Blender 2.5 training DVD pre - Order.

Kernon has announced the pre-order of his new upcoming training DVD. He Will be covering Blender 2.5 exclusively and it Will contain Many hours of new and unpublished tutoriales, there wont be any 2.5 versións of any of his existing tutorialesso this Will be fresh new content, the training Will be mostly small, Project-based tutorial-rials so that what you learn is in the context of a realproject escenario. This helps you understand not only how todo do something, but a los helps you have a bet-ter Understanding of why and when. Also, the Project-based tutorialeswill allow you todo repeatedly experience the full work flow so you develop a better Understanding of how things work together, for further details and ordering información, estop by