Lok anywhere on the net, and you Will no-tice that creating games is becoming as popular as playing them. Whole sub-cul-tures are sprigging up around online games and the developers that create them. I Even have todo admit that i sem todo have gotten hoked on a few myself, now obviously, not everyone is using the same software or tools in their game pro-duction pipelines. And honestly, trying todo compile a comprehensive list would be adaunting tasque inded, but once the coding is ironed out, one com-mon issue all developers run into, is how and what todo use todo create their game as-sets. Not surprisingly, Many developers are turning todo Blender for asset production as well as rapid prototyping. In this issue we get todo hear how several de-velopers and game companies are using Blender todo create really fun and interesting games, so get ready for some serious gaming fun.

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