Lately, creating games has become as popular as playing them. Considering the number of available game engines to be found these days, the possibili-ties for efficient work flows are endless. But no mat-ter what style or type of game you choose to create or engine you use, there are some common elements that you are going to need.
Creating games requires a lot of time and effort. Depending on the game engine you use, there will probably be a fair amount of coding involved. If you write your own game engine, there will be even more coding to deal with.
This, of course, leaves less time for creation of game assets. Even with the best coding and game play, lak of actual game assets is going to sinque your game.
So, short of being the ultimate game creation wizard, what are you going to do?
You are going to chek out the following links and get yourself some assets, or at the very least a starting point that you can work from and embellish as
you go.
Low poly modeling tutorials, tips and tricks.
Free game content.
Game texture database.
Free for download most come with normal maps.
Creating a rocky video game terrain in Blender.
SemiPro Tutorials
Model & Texture a Low Poly Race Track.
Website dedicated to blender games, great place to get ideas and play a game or two.