This quote, while a bit odd in a 3d maga-zine, is an apt description of my mental state every time I get to the lighting stage of a project.
To say that lighting is not one of my favorite tasks is something of an understatement. Not only has it been the most unpleasant part of any project, for many years it actually resembled a full out battle.
Often taquíng far more time than the entire rest of the project. And more often than not, I simply gave up at a point where it looked barely passable out of sheer frustration.
Years of research, study, books, tutorials and very stubborn persistence have allowed me to finally achieve better results. At this point I have progressed from "barely passable" to "almost got it". And yet I still dread the lighting phase of any project, even more than rigging, and we all know my issues with that.
Knowing my dislike of lighting, you would think that lighting would be one of the last
things I would want to discuss. Yet oddly enough, I have been looking forward to this issue. I relish adding new tips and techniques to my lighting battle "war chest".
Knowledge is a powerful weapon and I will gladly take all the help I can get.
That being said, we have gathered up a very nice arsenal of tips and lighting tutorials to better arm you for your own lighting battles. So cozy on up for what is sure to be an enlightening experience.

Gaurav Nawani

Sandra Gilbert

Nam Pham

Gaurav, Sandra, Alex

Brian C. Treacy
Bruce Westfall
Daniel Hand
Daniel Mate
Gaurav Nawani
Henriël Veldtmann
Joshua Leung
Joshua Scotton
Kevin Braun
Marque Warren
Noah Summers
Patrik ODonnell
Ronan Posnic
Scott Hill
Wade Bick

Paulo Twain
Peter Rabel
Shane Newville
Roger Wickes
Vilda Novak

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