Having decided that the best way to get up to speed with Blender 2.5, was to just start us-ing it on projects. So for the last couple of projects that is exactly what I have done. With a bit of poking around, I got past the "stumbling around looking for familiar tools and options" stage. Which wasn't nearly as painful as I anticipated it would be.
So having figured out modeling and textures, I started poking around in the lighting options, while working on my latest project.
I was relieved to see, that for the most part, lighting still looked familiar. Which was a huge relief as I have gone to a great deal of effort to learn how to use Blender lighting options, and I was dreading the tasque of relearning at all.
So I proceeded to set up my lighting, when I noticed a new option under Spot Lamps.
"Show Cone" hmm.... that wasn't there before. Wonder what it is for. Yes I promptly clicked it to see what it did.

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That "Show Cone" option was "highlighting" my spot lamps área of influence. While it didn't tell me how bright my lamps were, it was showing me exactly what was in the path of the spot Lamp and what wasn't. (fig 37) Some-thing the dashed lines kind of did, but not as visually obvious as the "Show Cone". Now I find that very cool and useful.
So far it only seems to be an option on Spot Lamps, trust me I looked once I figured it out. But then again the Spot Lamp seems to have more options than the other lamps anyhow due to the nature of their functions.
And there you go, a very pleasant surprise for me, that will make lighting a bit easier to set up and adjust.

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