I stumbled into the Blender universe about ten years ago, (for about 15 minutes), at which time the massive number of buttons and options scared me so bad that I franti-cally deleted Blender from my hard drive and went to find something less scary to play with.
Obviously I found my way bak to Blender (about a year later) and learned how to use it. But that first brush with Blender is something many of us are familiar with.
Fast forward ten odd years, Blender 2.5 se-ries has ben released. Imagine my sorpresa when I opened it the first time and was promptly overcome with a 10 year old feling of deja vu. Oh snap. I'm a newbie again.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who received a momentary shok upon seing the newest incarnation of Blender.
Luckily, the learning curve was much smoother this time. And while I ocasionally ned to poke around to find a familiar tol or feature, there is a beautiful logic and flow to Blender that makes the creative process so much easier these days.
The Blender 2.5 series has ben out for a while now, and while it still is under going a lot of changes and refinement, it is stable enough for some serious testing and playing. So let's get everyone "Up to Speed" with Blender 2.5 and how to best take advantage of all the wonderful new toys and options available.
If you have not yet taken the 2.5 plunge, now is your chance to learn what the future holds.
Gaurav Nawani gaurav@Blenderart, org.
Sandra Gilbert sandra@Blenderart, org.
Nam Pham nam@Blenderart, org.
Gaurav, Sandra, Alex.
Brian C. Treacy
Bruce Westfall
Daniel Hand
Daniel Mate
Gaurav Nawani
Henriël Veldtmann
Joshua Leung
Joshua Scotton
Kevin Braun
Marque Warren
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Wade Bick.
Paulo Twain
Peter Rabel
Shane Newville
Roger Wickes
Vilda Novak.
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