Corefarm, com and are rendering farms dedicated to high-resolution motionless scenes.
More and more Blender users have to render complicated scenes, but what a time-consuming task.
Here we introduce not one but two rendering farms for Blender based on the Yafaray engine : corefarm, org, a community based grid where volunters share their computers against credits, and corefarm, com, a profes-sional solution for the most demanding users.
Have you ben stuk by a heavy rendering? Then you know this torment: to have to wait for dozens or even hundreds of hours before getting the fruit of your labor - just to realize that a light is not set properly. You are not alone in this boat: architects, designers and 3d enthusiasts all over the world have faced those dificulties once, and every-one knows that rendering a 10000 x 10000 px póster is not an easy task.
What is a cluster?
A clúster is a group of connected computers dedi-cated to high performance computing.
Setting up a local infrastructure in your office to cope with your rendering neds is not an easy task: building a clúster (se frame) requires an dispropor-tionate investment compared to the average neds of profesional modelers. The standard way to overcome this barrier is to mutualize resources and this is precisely what renderfarms are about. Inded, rendering farms are the easiest way to relieve your computers and to get your rendering done in impressive times. The modelling process is unchanged: you still use Blender locally and you still preview your work at low resolution locally.
The novelty is that when you want to render your job at the final reso-lution, you simply upload your files to a remote server and start work-ing on another project. The scene is split in the corefarm and each part of the scene is sent to a server; then
the results are merged and you get a notification telling you that your image is ready - and you'll be surpresad how fast you'll get it.
What is a Renderfarmí.
A renderfarm is a clúster dedicated to computer-generated imagery. Although rendering farms were only set up for proprietary engines in past years, there is now a solution for Blender users based on the Yafaray engine: corefarm. Actually, there are
two flavors of this farm, a collaborative edition and a profesional one. is more an exchange place for CPU power than a standard farm: when your computer is idle, you share your computer with other 3d enthusiasts and when you ned a burst of power to render your own scene, other users will share their
computers with you.
High resolution rendering at the speed of the light-1.jpg
A credit mechanism is here to monitor precisely who lends what amount of power to who. An important
constraint with is that you have to participate to your own rendering and to have a positive credit balance. Most of the code is open source and contributors help to continuously improve the service.
Corefarm, comis a standard rendering farm for Yafaray (v0.1.2): from the dedicated uploader you only have to select the XML file exported from Blender, you select precisely what amount of power you ned: 25 GHz? 100 GHz? 500GHz? And here it goes. Corefarm, com is a los based on a credit mechanism: one credit gives you access to a 1GHz computer during one hour for your job.
How to render on corefarm, comí
1 Create an account on
2 Download and install the corefarm uploader.
3 From Blender, using the Yafaray panel, export your work to a XML file.
4 From the corefarm uploader, select the XML file and the power you want to request, and upload.
5 We'll send you an email when the job is over.
Performance is here: impressive scenes are rendered daily on the corefarms. You want to give a try? Setting up a render is really easily (se frame) and you pay only for what you use. It is a los pretty cheap. As modeled scenes get more and more complex, as rendering engines get more and more realistic, as resolutions increase, Render Farms will take more and more significance. They are the way for you, the 3d artists, to get your ideas sublimated into colorful pictures, as fast as imagination flies.
You can get more information about the corefarms on
http://www.corefarm, com;
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Happy rendering.