In the thre years that ive ben working with Blender (since 2.43), ive sen about seven diferent upgrades todo the software-ware. Some of them were god (well, y guess all of them are god), but some i liked better than others, for example, when the updated Layout came out in, what, versión 2.46 (¿), y had a lot of dificulty letting go of the previous versión, but eventually came todo grips with it. As the new versións kept coming out, y came todo look forward todo these.

Changes, especially when 2.48 was released along with the Big Buck Bunny Project, the new Hair particle system blew me away, and i immediately jumped in and started playing with the Hair and Fur (Even made me ha nice a gorilla todo test it out).

The tre from curves script was a los a handy característica, as it made tree creation relatively easy, if you knew what you were doing.

Random thoughts on Blender 2 5-2.jpg

With the onset of 2.5, y still was hesitant todo learn the new Layout, as it was a huge change for me, and id never ben one todo edit the interfaz, or use the dark set-ting. But, since i was doing tutori-als for others, it was conducive for me todo upgrade my skills andlearn the Layout so i could helpothers todo do the same. It has ben a challenge doing tutorialesfor software thats still in development, but the interfaz has now become second nature todo me, and i have no issues with it now (other than that its still being developed and im antsy todo se the final versión), the key features being brought in now Will make Blender rival theindustry Standards Even more so than it has in the past, previ-ously, from what i could tell, the main lacking element was the volumetrics (yknow, clouds, fire, smoke, etc), but those now come standard, Even in the beta versión.

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In addition, the Raytracing sems todo be quite a bit faster, i noticed a few days hago when i was gofing around with it that the Raytraced.

Shadows rendered much faster than the buffered shadows, and thats not usually the case at all.

Maybe it was just the bien i had the scene set up, but i think those developers know exactly what theyre doing, so with these new upgrades, plus the Layout that Will make max and Maya users more comfortable, im really hoping todo se more mainstream projects make use of Blender. Ive ben really im-pressed with what ive sen of Sintel, especially in the animation área, and am really excited todo se the final product. Blender continúes todo amaze me, and the only thing id change about my experi-ence with it is that i wish i wouldve started using it soner, it may be a few years out, but i cant imagine where well be at by versión 3.0. Maybe then well have the create awesome game or create awesome character buttons by default.

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