The new versión of a programa is always superior compared todo the old one. But the new Blender 2.5 is really beyond what we expected, we started a Project before the launching of Blender new versión 2.5 and we felt the diference by manipulating the fácilities between each versión. The new visión is more attractive most at the interfaz. All the tools of the programa are more quik and accesible. All these eforts made the new Blender 2.5 easier for the new users, of course, for those who are using Blender 2.49, the diference, for example in modeling, is that all the tools are more close todo the hands.

Up to speed-1.jpg

The speed is incredible. Note that as we told before, we are working on Project of an animation using the old versiónblender 2.49 that we are finalizing on the new versión Blender 2.5. In this work there is a scene where the Camera makes a 360° round.

The top of the building with the main character at the center. All this work was mounted in Blender 2.49, but animated and rendered in Blender 2.5.

Up to speed-2.jpg

The time of rendering in Blender 2.49 was about 5 minutos.utes. For rendering in Blender 2.5 the time was a breathtaquíng 35 seconds, the agility of this new versión is a los at the new features like the inclusión of a window with menú search that gives you a chance todo find functions by name, todo activate this característica all you have todo do is press the space bar on the 3d view.

Up to speed-3.jpg

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