For a long time, I needed a lamp with drop shadows for a 360 degree lantern for the functional character of the games. There is no blak market, my NASA program-mer buddies are too ab-sorbed in the new space shuttle, and maybe Ton and his team of programmers do not have all day for management of lights in the game engine.

Dark Biome-1.jpg

Being too busy with the messianic series Blender 2.5 alpha, and the fantastic Sintel that everyone expects.
Foaming at the mouth. (Quikstion, Is yor having a small full nude scene on the dvd?).

Dark Biome-2.jpg

So what to do? After reworking the shape and texture of the lantern. I used a spot with a large opening, the character thus highlights the environment in a single direction.
Watch trailers some here