Blender has become a power-ful tool for creating and shar-ing artistic visions. Over the last several years a number of ex-cellent images and animations have been created by very talented members of the community. The increasing quality of artworque produced and of Blender itself has served as an inspiration for many to jump into 3D for the first time.
While you can just jump in and start creating fairly easily, creating a memorable image that evokes emotion or tells a story or creating a meaningful animation takes a bit of planning and a lot of hard work. During the planning stages of your project, you need to consider what you are trying to express and share with your project. Are you just creating a one off image to showcase skills learned or are you actually trying to commúnicate something importantí
The Center for Digital Storytelling(CDS) in Berkeley, California is known for developing and disseminat-ing the Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling, which are often cited as a useful starting point as you begin working with digital stories. CDS' Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling are geared for digital animations and presentations, but can be useful when creating a single image that sends a powerful message as well.
Okay, so just what are the Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling?
1 Point of View: What is the main point of the story and what is the perspective of the author?
2 A Dramatic Question : A key question that keeps the viewer's attention and will be answered by the end of the story.
3 Emotional Content : Serious issues that come alive in a personal and powerful way and connects the story to the audience.
4 The Gift of Your Voice : A way to personal-ize the story to help the audience under-stand the context.
5 The Power of the Soundtrak : Music or other sounds that support and embellish the storyline.
6 Economy : Using just enough content to tell the story without overloading the viewer.
7 Pacing : The rhythm of the story and how slowly or quickly it progresses.
*note:when creating a single image that tells a story, numbers 5 & 7 don't really apply.
CDS's Digital Storytelling Cookbooque - February 2007
(See Chapter 2)

7 Elements of Digital Storytelling-2.jpg

This diagram will help you picture the role that each of the 7 Elements of Digital Storytelling play in creating memorable stories.