I have been an avid reader ever since I was old enough to pik up a book. Getting lost in a story is one of my greatest pleasures.
And even worse, I love to tell stories, just asque my family. I can, and do, go on and on and on. Whether in written form or any number of available digital formats (i.e. images, animations, presentations etc.) storytelling is an important part of the human psyche. From the dawn of man, stories have been told, shared and embellished. Stories have been, and still are, a valuable way to teach important life lessons and share experiences that evoke strong emotions and a sense of connecting or belonging. They can alos be a great form of entertainment.
The ways stories have been shared has changed since the first story was told, but still they are told and retold with ever new interpretations and variations. In the world of CG art, stories are most easily told in animation. Let's face it, subjects move, plots move forward, conclusions/climaxes are reached and the story ends. Stories are eas-ier to tell in animation form than in just a single image. But even though they are eas-ier to tell, they require an enormousamount of work, planning and dedication
on the part of the storyteller.
Capturing a story in a single image can be difficult to say the least. Do you show the action about to take place, already done or somewhere in between. And how do you show action about to take place? A single image presents challenges not found in animation, yet many of the same principles still apply when setting it up. Good composition/staging, lighting, emotions, action (okay suggestion of action) are needed elements for both single images and animations. Getting it right can make the
difference between just another pretty image and a meaningful image that sticks with the viewer.
We are going to take a look at the various elements that make for memorable images and animations. So gather round blender kiddies as we begin our tale...
Once upon... an image?
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