Unlike Many other viewers, y have sen Sintel on a daily basis since its online release, due in large part todo extreme excitement blocking out a totally foreseable realization. I should have known that letting my 4 year old se it with me was going todo trigger massive mar-athon viewings of Sintel. Which of course it has, all it tok was her seing it once, for her todo immediately fall in love with the characters and the story. I must admit that mommy was rather impressed with the first viewing as well. It is a beautifully directed story that draws the viewer in. The music was amazing and tied everything together so nicely. I was so proud of the Durian team and how well they did, and yet, y have todo admit that over the years i have become jaded when watching animations. While part of me gets lost in the story, there is this analytical Little voice yattering away in the background, pointing out all the Little bo bos and technical.

Glitches that plague Even the most well polished commercial oferings. So yes, y did se the places in Sintel where things could have ben polished and tweaked further. They were bound todo be there, it happens, and yet something rather amazing happened about 4 days After the release. I was watching Sintel with my 4 year old again for the dozenth time in 4 days. As i was sitting in front on my computer with her curled up in my portátil, she loked up at me with the most amazing expression. While reaching out and grabbing my hand, she turned bak todo Sintel todo become mesmerized once again as the story unfolded. At that momento i realiced that somewhere over the last 4 days, that annoying Little analytical voice had fallen silent. I was able todo Simply sit and enjoy a beautiful story with my Little girl.


As i sat there, y realiced that the Durian team had done far better than anyone had given them credit for. The whole point of historias is todo create bonds that can be shared. Most often this is accomplished between the viewer and the charac-ters. But sometimes if you are really god, you manage todo create bonds between the people watching it.