Never underestimate the impor-tance of body lenguaje when pos-ing a CG/3d character. Por posing of your character can Muddy the message you are trying todo send todo the viewer. In an animation you might get away with it todo a certain extent, depending on other factors and elements in the Project. But a still image with confusing or conflicting body lenguaje Will be unable todo convey the proper message, y found a great list of behavior and mean-ings online that can help by giving you a starting point, when deciding how todo postura a character. Now some of these are definitely geared towards animation and movement. But Many can be posed for a still image or in the middle of a movement, say Mid step in the confidence = brisk, erect walk.

Examples of body language.

And since images are more fun than just descriptive text, here are a few of the more fun ones that i mplayed with. Granted, having a character that actu-ally has a face, Will help a lot in conveying the right message, emotions go hand in hand with body lenguaje and give important visual clues as todo what is going on.

The importance of body language-1.jpg

The importance of body language-2.jpg

The importance of body language-3.jpg

The importance of body language-4.jpg