From the blenderart staf. We are so excited todo announce that Marc leboef from Montreal, won the Fantasy category of the the zoybar-shapeways-blender challenge, Marc:i am a freelancer and teacher in 3d, y a los teach special neds kids (mostly autistics) with Blender, when i first saw a zoybar guitar kit, y first noticed the post-modern look of the instrument. Traditional instruments aremade of wood, which give them warmth and soul, that is how the zoybarok design came todo my mind. I wanted todo give warmth and soul todo the hardware, Thinking metal instead of wood, y start searching for referencias of the Baroque era. I made the model by Thinking like an Iron crafter. I wanted todo show f holes and a headstock, like traditional stringed instruments. I designed the shapes with a Vector application, imported the lines and started the modeling process, for the head-stock, y started the volute using the screw tool. Iused sculptris instead of Blender own sculpting tools for the Lion, todo kep things in proportions and lined up, a photo of myself was taken playing a, Brom.