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Its raining Blender books lately and Packet publishing have been on the front of this lit-erary assault. Fortunately for us blender users it's nice time to fill up our book shelves since final release of Blender 2.5 is upon us soon.
Blender is a relatively new tool for most professionals now that we have an excellent interface to begin with. We still need lots of information about crucial features of blender3d such as light-ing and the material system.
Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering book fills that slot nicely. Although it cannot be called a complete beginners book, since you will mostly be lost on various steps if you do not have at least working knowledge of Blenders interface, it can't be called an one stop extensive book for Advance users.
So for an beginner to intermediate user, this book is easy to pickup and allows you to quickly grow on towards much more advance usage, thus making it an excellent learning companion.
The books starts off with the very basics on lighting terminologies such as color and a basic premise of color theory then gradually moving on to understanding lighting in real world settings.
After the grounds up on real life knowledge, the reader is exposed to blender’s myriad controls and features available for various types of lighting solutions. From
Ambient Occlusion to Indirect Lighting, then on to outdoor and Indoor-lighting solutions. The explanation seems justly nice for newbies, but the level of explanation at some points leaves more advance users wanting for more, so clearly this book is not for experienced users.
The book offers a nice portion to Materials in Blender. even better, UV Mapping which in my opinión is a good move as it brings the user right up there with the main toolset's of Blenders Rendering pipeline. This is supple-mented with a pretty good from the grounds up of the material system and its various features namely, dif-fuse, spec mirrors, IOR etc.

Whats Good

·Explanations of most features, it covers almost every part of lighting and rendering including the Material system.
·Very practical with excellent exercises for practical understanding.
·Pretty straight forward and concise.
·Easy to Pik up and read.

Whats bad.
Not much really.
Seems like BA recommended buy

Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering
Packt Publishing
Pages 252 Approx.
ISBN 978-1-847199-88-1